"You're looking at a real phenomenon," states Ingo Wizner, president of Local Market Monitor, a firm that tracks 315 real estate markets nationwide. After analyzing recent data, a giant gain is forecast over the next few years. The reason for this is a growth in jobs, a shortage of both new and resale homes, and the relatively small number of foreclosed homes on the market. Wizner adds that cash buyers are not likely to be inhibited over the next few years by the headwinds that many economists expect over the next few years.

"There has been a surge in demand of people who aren't just visiting but want to live full-time in Naples and Marco Island...I think it will continue", added Wizner. Over the next few years, the Naples-Marco housing market will increase higher than any other of the 20 Florida metropolitan areas Local Market Monitor tracks.

Among the top 10 best housing markets, according to for 2016, is Naples, Florida. The 2016 housing market for Naples is forecast to appreciate 12.5%.

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