The future job market in Southwest Florida, and specifically Naples in Collier County is looking very bright. The forecast for the year 2020 is 43,049 new jobs and nearly 60,000 new jobs for 2030 in Collier County. Also, in 2030, it is predicted there will be 5.2 million baby boomers in Florida, making up 21.8 percent of the state's total population.

Governor Rick Scott's office recognized Collier County as the number one area in Florida for job growth in the business and professional sectors. The area's unemployment rate has dropped below 5% to 4.7 %. "With unemployment rates declining across the state and more than one million jobs created in just five years, Florida is on the way to becoming first for jobs," Scott said.

While the Naples area continues to add manufacturing jobs, the industries gaining the most jobs recently were education and health services. The area had over 5,000 job openings including high-wage, high-skill science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM jobs.

"Health Care is still a high demand area," says Kelli Faulconer, a recruiting expert at Spherion. "At any give time there are thousands of jobs in the Naples area, waiting to be filled. Companies are increasing worker's salaries to meet the demand. I see a lot of job growth happening."

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