What exactly is "Guerilla Marketing?"

It encompasses different techniques to reach a targeted market in unconventional ways.

It attracts the public in a way that can be both subliminal and a little "in your face."

Jay Conrad Levinson created the concept in 1984 with his book appropriately named, "Guerilla Marketing." It is an alternative strategy that increases engagement with the public. It is described as creating buzz, and a brand for your product by establishing direct contact with your customers.

Signage, which can be labeled as "Street Marketing" is a great way to get people to remember your brand. For homebuilders it can be a significant segment of their advertising and marketing budget. Restricted by city and/or county ordinances, what can a builder do to make the most of their signage? The message needs to be simple and to the point. Displaying logo/brand along with contact information (phone and/or website) is essential. A very brief message (only a few words) will enhance the message (Another Custom Home by....) On-site signs are similar to large billboards, but have a distinct advantage. In most locations the public does have time to stop and take down contact information while a home is under construction.

Vehicles are an exceptional and effective technique for the company's signage strategy. To have your logo, contact info, and a brief description on your fleet of trucks is like having a team of moving billboards that every builder should take advantage of. Your team is traveling from job site to job site so why not advertise on the run.

Big Island Builders is a custom homebuilder based in Naples, Florida. Since 1999, they have been building inspired luxury homes in Southwest Florida's finest communities and neighborhoods.

For more information, please call 239.262.6867 or visit

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