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Choosing the right builder can be a challenge in the competitive Custom Home market. And at Big Island Builders, we’d rather you take the time to examine who you want to partner with on your project, your investment, your home, your dream. Because this is a moment when the right decision will make all the difference.


As Naples premier concierge builder since 1999, we take things personally. In fact, every home we build is personal to us. Each year we focus on just a few exceptional projects in order to guarantee our purpose remains squarely on making the dreams of our clients a reality — and at the best possible rates. We do what we do for people who appreciate quality, commitment, accountability and attention to detail. We’re dedicated to customer service and being available before, during and after the process. In short, we’re dedicated to building it right. 


With three generations of builders within the Bowerman family, it’s been ingrained in us to do exceptional work, in a collaborative manner, with a team that prides itself on looking out for our clients’ best interests. And while the numerous awards and accolades show our commitment to excellence, we’re prouder of the fact that our clients choose us time and time again, knowing that we are committed to quality, transparency and value. 

At Big Island Builders, we’re dedicated to building lasting relationships… and stunning homes. We call it inspired luxury.

It’s the luxury of knowing you’ve made the right choice.



We believe the build process should be straightforward, honest, and a team effort.  Our commitment to building extraordinary homes, and our passion for earning long-time personalized client relationships, guarantees that you will love your new home now, and forever more.

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Building something as personal as a home requires an understanding that we are taking your vision and turning it into the physical embodiment of your dreams. It’s a task we don’t take lightly. Nor is it a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s truly a collaborative effort. We want to learn everything about your needs, wants and style in order to help you create your dream home. No question or concern is too small and we pride ourselves on being available to you anytime. We can bring together the architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and, with a licensed real estate agent on staff, we can even help you find the perfect lot.

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Our mission is to build the best house for the best price. You may find it hard to believe, but we actually try to save you money along the way. In fact, when we are brought onto a project early enough — meaning before architectural plans are finalized — we can aid in the process and offer “value engineering,” suggesting cost saving structural and cosmetic alternatives, helping to keep the vision in tact and the budget on point.

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We’ve made a commitment to create a group of professionals that is like family, and one who looks out for your best interests. And we come to work daily with one goal in mind: to build gorgeous custom homes we can be proud of. As Naples premier concierge builder, Big Island Builders is dedicated to crafting inspired homes by utilizing our strong relationships with talented subcontractors, our commitment to schedules, and our unwavering attention to detail. Best of all, we’re committed to transparency throughout the process.

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We have shelves full of awards and numerous testimonials to prove we’re a team of experts, but they don’t mean as much as the satisfaction of our clients. Our secret is that every team member cares as much about the details you can’t see as the ones you can. So when you open the door to your new home, you can rest assured things were done right — by professionals who care.

Our Process
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The Team




Growing up with a father who was a respected custom home builder in Miami, Jay Bowerman has building in his blood. As a young man, he learned every aspect of building by working with his hands as a master carpenter and concrete finisher. He returned home most days with hands turned orange from laying steel in slabs and footings. And when he moved to Naples in 1999, he assumed he would just roll into town and have every architect and Realtor recognize his talents and the work would just appear. But the “good old boy” network that existed back then made things tough. Once that reality sank in, he knew he was going to have to prove himself one project at a time. He drove the neighborhoods where he wanted to build, hoping for a break, and it came when he met a man by his mailbox. Jay asked him if he needed any work done on his house, and the man replied, “I actually want to tear it down and build a new home.” Shortly thereafter, the process of designing and building a new waterfront home began and word quickly spread about this honest, fairly-priced and talented “new” builder creating high-quality custom homes. All these years later, Jay has assembled a team of professionals who care as much about the clients as he does and have a passion for building exceptional houses at a fair price. Now, as the honors and awards for Big Island Builders have piled up, Jay remains grounded in the understanding that the business started from very humble beginnings … and he is thankful for every opportunity to do what he loves.



Cheryl joined Big Island Builders in 2020 as Office Manager/Controller. She has worked for various sub-contractors in the construction industry in Naples since 1986, so she knows the business better than most. She has more than 35 years accounting experience, having worked for a Department of Defense electronics manufacturer for 11 years, a tile/marble and granite subcontractor for 18 years and a landscape architect for seven years. This diversified background helps her easily navigate the process of working with clients and subcontractors. It also helps to bring an inclusive, team approach to Big Island Builders. Born in Paterson, N.J., she’s been married to her husband Dave for 41 years, with two married daughters and three grandchildren. Her hobbies include exercising, boating, fishing and spending time with family and friends.



In 2012 Jaclyn moved to Naples from Chicago with her Husband, in search of warm weather. She made sure to bring her Mid-Western work ethic! The last 6 years she has worked at a Luxury Remodeling Company, focusing on high rise condos along Pelican Bay and Gulf Shore. Managing the scheduling department and administrate support team, she understands the industry and the in’s and out’s of the build. She’s got a reputation for being detailed, organized, intelligent and engaging. You’ll be sure to smile at her “ray of sunshine” attitude. Jaclyn is currently having a blast raising her 3 year old son and attending classes at Florida SouthWestern. Her hobbies include reading, documentaries and yardwork!



Born and raised in Central Florida amongst a family of builders, architects, engineers and craftsmen, Thomas realized his passion for the construction industry from a young age. It was this motivation that led him to pursue a career in custom home building after graduating from high school. Starting off as a laborer, Thomas quickly grew his career to become a superintendent given his exceptional knowledge of construction and attention to detail. As a Site Supervisor, he exceeds client’s expectations by establishing and managing a timely schedule for subcontractors to ensure the home meets the standards for Big Island Builders and adheres to the timeline. Thomas continuously works to improve the construction process by keeping his clients informed and involved in the issues that arise on the job site. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors both hunting and fishing with friends, family, and Boots, his beagle.



Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, Ryan has more than 20 years in the homebuilding industry and held a builder’s license in two different states. Ryan spent 15 years in the finish carpentry field where he was self-employed. His favorite project was a 10k sq ft. house where he worked on custom woodwork throughout. He recently joined the team at Big Island Builders and, in his role as Superintendent, he prides himself on his communication skills, which allow him to efficiently manage subcontractors and ensure the build remains on schedule. His experience has given him the ability to work effectively with Builders, Homeowners and Subcontractors. Ryan’s passion for woodworking (and the building industry at large) made him a perfect fit for the team here at Big Island Builders. Homeowners are at ease knowing Ryan is in charge of their custom home as his trustworthiness, personable nature, and caring personality are evident upon the first introduction. Over and above his building background, he marks his most valuable achievements as his marriage and being a father to his two sons.



"Our commitment, passion, and attention to detail have been passed down from three generations. Our heritage of excellence will create your dream home."


When our founder and president Jay Bowerman started working for his father as a young man, he learned quickly that construction is a "hands-on" business. He learned every aspect of building from actually working with his hands as a master carpenter and concrete finisher, (most days his hands turned orange from tying and placing steel in slabs and footings). As the years progressed, he learned how build a team of subcontractors and help motivate them to the same kind of excellence and hard work.​

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Since 1999, Big Island Builders has been specializing in new luxury custom homes and an extensive range of remodeling projects with a passion for excellence unequaled in Southwest Florida. Big Island Builders is committed to providing every project with the very latest design and highest quality materials and finishes. We have a long-established reputation for making the construction process a smooth and gratifying experience. We build each home and complete each remodel project as if it were our own, which is why so many of our clients are repeat customers. 

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