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There are many ways to make a custom home more energy efficient. As we design and build your custom home our expert team will provide information you need and guide you through the process of making your home more eco-friendly. This is the right product for the right time. Now more than ever, homebuyers are looking for ways to save money on long-term energy and maintenance costs.


Green building reconciles the need to preserve and protect the environment with building high quality, healthy and energy efficient homes, while never compromising on style. In fact, by building homes that are more efficient and protect the land that surrounds them, you are creating an environmentally richer, healthier and more economical life.

Big Island Builders uses building products and techniques that result in healthier, more energy efficient, and environmentally responsible homes. Multiple eco- features have been a Big Island Builders standard since 1999. You dream it, we build it and together we can help to better protect the environment and the future.

Big Island Builders focuses on ways to build your new custom homes in the most energy efficient ways possible. Big Island offers a variety of energy saving devices and offer environmentally friendly construction methods that will make your home more cost-effective to run.


More homebuilders in the United States are including green features in their custom homes as buyers demand energy efficiency. These homes designed to cut energy use will include eco-features from construction materials, cooling, lighting, appliances, windows, insulation, and many more green building methods.


Resale – Studies show that energy efficient homes sell faster and at a higher price.

The homes that underwent the strictest certification, being tested by third parties, and thus likely to be the "greenest" did even better. They commanded prices 25% higher than regular homes.

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